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 About The New Karazhan Groups

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PostSubject: About The New Karazhan Groups   Thu Nov 15, 2007 1:59 am

Hi all

As you all know we tried to setup 3 Karazhan groups so more people
could raid there , unfortunally this didnt work , due to people playing
at different times etc.

So we decide to go back to 2 groups which did work in the past.

Not everybody is assigned to a group because of the following reasons

- We want to give people who r still working on their gear a chance to join
both groups for the first 5 bosses

- Players assigned to a group cant switch groups , to make sure both
groups have the experience and gear to kill all bosses in Karazhan

A lot of you will be thinking , Is it possible for people that arent assigned to a group now to join them ?

Aye this is possible , if you show on our raids that you know what you r doing and your gear is good enough , your name will be added to one of the groups.

Some pointers for people who want to know

- be on time near the instance , dont wait for a summon
- read up on new instances , boss fights
- bring enough potions , food buffs , sharpening stones etc
- repair your gear before coming
- rebuff people if they have died or when the buffs run out
dont wait till people ask for them

If anyone has more questions , plz let me know

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PostSubject: Re: About The New Karazhan Groups   Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:23 am

Sounds good, please tell me Inga is back Smile
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About The New Karazhan Groups
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